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How do you know if your medical specialist is overcharging?

ABC News recent wrote an article that delved into the challenges and surprise fees patients can face.

There have been calls to reign in greedy doctors to ensure fair and affordable healthcare is available to all.

You can read the full article on the the ABC website.


Key Points

  • A new report says private health insurance is in a “death spiral”, in part due to hefty specialist fees
  • Understanding where out-of-pocket costs come from is key to ensuring you don’t pay too much
  • Asking the right questions of your specialist and shopping around can help you to reduce costs

“Excessive” private hospital costs and “egregious” specialist bills are key factors contributing to the “death spiral” gripping Australia’s health insurance industry, according to a new report from the Grattan Institute.

On Tuesday, the public policy think tank called on private hospitals to hold “greedy” doctors to account to save private health care — a sector it recently declared had become increasingly unfair and costly.

Read the full article on the ABC website.