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Our COVID-19 Response

Our practice remains open and committed to continue offering our surgical patients the best and most appropriate care. In order to ensure the safety of all of our patients, their family members and our staff, everybody booked for an appointment will be screened for potential COVID-19 exposure and asked to delay and reschedule or arrange… Read More

Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons clarifies category 1 and urgent category 2 surgery

The Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons is committed to patient safety and supports RACS and the Commonwealth Government in their direction to cancel all non-urgent elective surgery. As Specialist Plastic Surgeons we work across both public and private sectors with variable classification of elective surgery types. The NATIONAL ELECTIVE SURGERY URGENCY CATEGORISATION (2015) is very… Read More

How do you know if your medical specialist is overcharging?

ABC News recent wrote an article that delved into the challenges and surprise fees patients can face. There have been calls to reign in greedy doctors to ensure fair and affordable healthcare is available to all. You can read the full article on the the ABC website.   Key Points A new report says private… Read More

What is Eyelid Surgery Recovery Like?

For the right patient, a blepharoplasty can provide significant benefits. The eyes are one of the most prominent and expressive features of the face so correcting issues — even if they are perceived only by the patient — can produce a dramatic improvement to the appearance of the entire facial area. All surgeries have recovery,… Read More

How Much Does Rhinoplasty Cost?

Cost plays a factor in every major life decision we make, and we shouldn’t expect this to be different for our choices about cosmetic procedures. But how large a role should cost play in our selection of a Specialist Plastic Surgeon for our rhinoplasty procedure? Can an individual still save money and have their procedure… Read More

What To Expect After a Facelift

The rewards of a facelift are plentiful. A facelift is the most comprehensive procedure for achieving facial rejuvenation. Rather than merely acting on the surface or ‘skin deep’ as non-surgical treatments will, a facelift adjusts the underlying layers of the skin that support the entire facial area. This process provides substantial and long-term support of… Read More