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Arm Reduction

What is an Arm Lift?

An arm lift, also known as a brachioplasty procedure, is a surgery intended to improve the appearance of the arms, reducing symptoms which naturally occur as a result of ageing or rapid weight loss and that contribute to unwanted cosmetic issues. A brachioplasty can resolve several problems that arise in this area, which include:

  • Sagging and droopy arm skin
  • Loose sub-dermal tissues in the arm contributing to poor skin tone and elasticity
  • Excess, unwanted fat in the in the upper arm region

An arm lift can reduce arm fat and may include arm liposuction in addition to excising loose skin. Arm lift procedures can be tailored to the individual needs of each patient to provide them with the slim, contoured and toned look in the arm areas which they desire.

What Are the Benefits of an Arm lift?

An arm lift can directly address the three factors most often responsible for a decline in the appearance of the arm and upper-arm areas. These factors are a loss of skin tone and elasticity, a loss of dermal support due to deep tissue laxity and excess fat. After their procedure, patients will enjoy slimmer and more toned arms free of excess, sagging skin and unwanted upper-arm fat.

Your Arm Lift Procedure

A brachioplasty surgery consists of four primary stages. First, anaesthesia is administered to provide for the comfort of the patient and eliminate any possibility of pain. Patients may have either general anaesthesia or intravenous sedation depending on the complexity of their procedure. Your Specialist Plastic Surgeon will make the recommendation that is appropriate for the variant of the procedure. After anaesthesia, the surgeon will make one of three types of incisions in the arm area. The incision types are:

  • An inner arm incision — this incision extends from the underarm to the elbow on the front of the arm
  • A back of arm incision — this incision extends from the underarm to the elbow on the back of the arm
  • A minimal incision — this incision may be made across the underarm area

Third, after the incisions have been made, skin will be excised and fat will be removed, if necessary, to provide the patient with the improvements to the concern areas which they desire. Finally, your Specialist Plastic Surgeon will close the incisions and bandage the regions treated with surgical dressings.

Recovery From an Arm Lift

An arm lift is a surgical procedure, so afterward, patients will have bandages and surgical dressings where their incisions were made. Compression garments may also be placed by your Specialist Plastic Surgeon to reduce swelling and pain and to ensure that the incisions have proper support during recovery. In certain instances, drain tubes may also be placed to eliminate excess fluids and further promote healing.

During their recovery at home, patients will be required to clean their incisions and regularly replace their surgical dressings to minimise the risk of infection, and your Specialist Plastic Surgeon will give you complete instructions on how to do so safely. Your surgeon will also provide you with prescriptions for medications to manage pain before your surgery, and patients should not hesitate to discuss concerns with pain with their surgeon after surgery if pain becomes an issue.

What Results Can I Expect From an Arm Lift?

Patients will enjoy improved skin tone and elasticity and better-defined arm contours with reduced fat immediately after an arm lift procedure, though bruising and swelling — which are a normal part of healing from surgery — will temporarily obscure these results. While all patients will experience substantial improvements after their brachioplasty procedure, some patients may require more than one surgery to obtain their desired results dependent on their original symptoms.

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