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Body Lift

What is a body lift?

Ageing — as well as other factors such as pregnancy, childbearing and rapid weight gain or weight loss — can cause a number of unwanted changes in the appearance of both men and women. These changes can include a loss of skin tone in the abdominal, buttocks and thigh areas, poor tissue elasticity, excess sagging skin and fat and poor skin texture. A body lift can be an ideal procedure to address these symptoms, allowing patients to enjoy improved skin tone and texture and slimming effects after their procedure, which can be long-lasting.

What does this procedure improve?

A body lift will improve the appearance of the abdomen, lower back, thighs and buttocks areas. An individual may not need all of these areas treated, but they can have all of these areas treated if required. A body lift can improve body contours and produce a slimmer physique; however, a body lift is not intended as a solution for radical weight loss. While liposuction can be performed and is often recommended in conjunction with a body lift, a prospective patient for a body lift should be near their ideal weight and committed to a healthy lifestyle including diet and exercise.

What can I expect from my body lift consultation?

Your surgeon will have several questions for you when you come in for your first consultation. They will want to understand your goals for your procedures and your expectations, and they will also answer any questions you might have about your procedure and recovery. You should bring in any documents pertinent to your medical history and provide information on any previous surgeries.  Your surgeon will require full knowledge of any pre-existing conditions so that they can avoid complications while performing your surgery.

During your consultation, your surgeon will examine your treatment area to determine whether or not you will make a good candidate for a body lift, assess your general health and identify what type of lift will produce your desired results. They may also take measurements and pictures of the treatment areas to better discuss and plan for your course of treatment.

After your consultation, you should feel comfortable and informed about your prospective procedure, and you should have the information required to make a decision regarding your surgery. However, if you need more time or have additional questions, you are encouraged to return for a second consultation to help increase your confidence in your surgical decision.

What do I need to do before my body lift surgery?

To have a safe surgery, you will need to prepare in advance of your hospital visit. You will need to secure transportation home after your surgery, for example, and plan to have someone at home help you with various tasks for the first few days after surgery. You will also need to avoid blood thinners before your body lift, as you would have to do with any other type of surgery. Blood thinners include pain relievers, Vitamin E and alcohol, for example.

Herbal medications and health supplements, such as weight loss pills, should also be avoided because they too can thin the blood. If you  currently take any prescribed medications, check with your surgeon to be sure they are safe to take before your body lift. Patients who smoke should also quit at least six weeks before their surgery and avoid smoking during their recovery.

What will happen when my surgery appointment arrives?

Your surgeon will advise you on what to bring to the hospital or surgical centre on the day of your visit. They will also explain how to prepare in advance. You will be asked to bring a few toiletry items with you along with some comfortable, loose clothing to wear after your procedure. You should not eat or drink for several hours before your surgery to minimise complications. Plan on getting a good night’s sleep before your surgery as well.

Your surgeon will perform your body lift surgery under general anaesthetic which will ensure your comfort and safety. After you anaesthesia, your surgeon will mark the areas where they will make their incisions. During the surgery, liposuction may be performed, loose skin will be excised and the underlying, supporting tissue will be tightened before your surgeon suturing and closing your incisions.

What should I expect during recovery from my body lift?

During your recovery from a body lift procedure, you will need to clean and redress your incisions regularly as per your surgeon’s orders. Your surgeon may also ask you to wear compression garments during this time to support the treated areas, help your sutures heal and provide greater comfort immediately after your surgery. You will also need to take the pain medications and antibiotics which your surgeon will have prescribed for you before your surgery.

It is of critical importance that you refrain from any strenuous activities for the first few weeks immediately following your surgery. Vigorous activity could increase your blood pressure or stress your incisions, ultimately causing complications and harming your results. It will also be important for you to alert your surgeon of any unexpected conditions, such as shortness of breath or excessive pain, immediately so that they can be treated. Your patience and strict adherence to your doctor’s instructions will reward you with a safe recovery and your desired results.

What are the risks and complications with this procedure?

All surgeries pose certain risks, although these risks usually occur very infrequently. Risks common to surgery, in general, include blood clots, infection, keloid (raised) scarring, risks associated with anaesthesia and deep vein thrombosis. Risks specifics to body lift procedures may also include fluid accumulation, fat necrosis (death of fatty tissue), persistent pain, swelling and bruising and the possible need of revision surgeries. These adverse side effects affect only a small percentage of individuals who have this surgery. The vast majority of patients have safe and successful surgeries without any serious complications.

What results can I expect from a body lift?

The results of your body lift will be visible almost immediately and will likely continue to develop over the next 18 months to two years after your surgery. While you may have some visible scarring after your surgery, your scars will slowly fade with time, leaving you with a more toned and contoured look without excess skin or fat. While your body will continue to age, and you may lose some of the initial firmness that your surgery produces, you will continue to enjoy substantial results which are long-lasting.

While unwanted changes to our appearance will likely beset all of us, if they concern you, you have options to treat and reduce them. Call Niche Plastic Surgery today on 9853 9705 to schedule your complimentary consultation and learn more about whether a body lift can help you achieve the results you desire.