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Breast Lift

What is a Breast Lift?

Some women may feel happy with the size and general appearance of their breasts but still feel somewhat dissatisfied with factors such as their shape and position. A breast lift, or mastopexy, is an ideal procedure for women who would benefit from some augmentation but who do not want or need a full breast augmentation procedure. The procedure, while providing many benefits, also requires less surgery and recovery time than a full breast augmentation, thus making it a satisfying alternative for women who do not want or need that procedure.

What does this procedure improve?

Several factors can adversely impact the appearance of a woman’s breasts, and they can include healthy events such as pregnancy and childbearing as well as ageing and weight gain and weight loss. These changes to a woman’s body can often result in drooping or sagging breasts because they elongate the ligaments which affect the breast position and can also stretch breast skin.

Further, these changes won’t necessarily affect the left and right breasts in the same way, leading to additional issues with symmetry and uniformity. A breast lift can address all of these issues, providing women with an improved final breast position and shape as well as healthier, younger looking breasts which will last for many years.

What can I expect from my breast lift consultation?

Your surgeon will have many questions for you during your first consultation. They will want to discuss your goals for your procedures as well as your expectations. Of course, they will also want to hear and answer all questions you have about the procedure and your recovery. You should be prepared to provide your full medical history to your doctor so they can avoid pre-existing issues or complications and also clear you for your surgery.

Specific information about your breast history — including mammograms, ultrasounds or biopsies — should also be included. During your exam, your surgeon will examine your body and treatment area to gauge your health and assess what type of lift will best suit your needs. You should leave your consultation feeling both comfortable and well informed. Many women will need more time or information before deciding to have a breast lift surgery. If that is the case, you are welcomed and encouraged to make a second appointment until you are confident in your surgery decision.

What do I need to do before my breast lift surgery?

To ensure a healthy and successful surgery, you will need to do several things in advance of your procedure date. Among the most important things you will need to do beforehand is arrange for transportation home after your surgery, and someone to help you for the first couple of days after you return home.

After surgery, a natural risk individuals face is bleeding, but avoiding blood thinners such as pain relievers, Vitamin E and alcohol before your surgery can help dramatically reduce these risks. Certain herbal medication and health supplements, such as weight loss aids, can also thin the blood, so it is best to avoid these before your surgery or check with your surgeon about their safety.

What happens on the day of my surgery?

Before your surgery, your surgeon will advise you on what to bring on the day of your hospital visit and how to prepare in advance. Items you will need typically include a few toiletries along with some comfortable and loose-fitting clothing for you to wear after your procedure. They will also advise you not to eat or drink several hours before your procedure to minimise complications during surgery. Getting a good night’s sleep before your surgery is also highly recommended.

You will have your breast lift surgery under general anaesthetic for your comfort and safety, and you will remain completely unaware of the surgery as it occurs. To make the necessary incisions, your surgeon will mark your skin where they will make their incisions. During the surgery, loose skin is excised, the nipple may be elevated, without detachment, the breast skin will be tightened, and finally, your surgeon will suture your incision.

What should I expect during breast lift recovery?

Pain is a natural side effect of any surgery, and your surgeon will prepare you for this aspect of your recovery beforehand with appropriate prescription medications as well as some preventative antibiotics. If your surgery included drain tubes, which help reduce post-procedure swelling, you might have an additional appointment in a day or two to remove them.

At home, you will wear a compression garment to provide support to the treatment area, increase your comfort and aid your sutures in healing. This step will be crucial to obtaining your results and will last about six weeks. You can remove the compression garment while you bathe, however. To further assist your recovery, your surgeon will ask you to avoid any strenuous activities for another two weeks; this includes exercising. You will be best served to take time off from work during this time as well.

What are the risks and complications with this procedure?

All surgeries have risks, although they occur rarely. Risks of surgery include blood clots, infection and keloid, or prominent, scarring. Some of the risks of a breast lift surgery may include a slight asymmetry between your breasts, the risk of breastfeeding issues and bleeding post surgery. While also infrequent, some patients experience changes in nipple sensation, although these effects can often be temporary. Another complication, loss of blood supply to the nipple, is also possible but extremely rare.

What results can I expect from a Breast Lift?

A breast lift procedure will improve the position of the breasts on the chest wall while maintaining as best as possible your original breast size and shape before unwanted changes occurred. Your surgery will provide you with years of rejuvenation; however, no surgery can stop the clock on ageing, so you can expect your breast to continue to change as you get older and your body naturally changes.

You don’t have to live with the unwanted changes to the appearance of your breasts. A breast lift can reduce many symptoms and restore a more youthful and vibrant look. Call Niche Plastic Surgery today on 9853 9705 to schedule an in-person consultation and determine whether a breast lift can restore your look and peace of mind.