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Cubital tunnel release

Cubital tunnel syndrome results from increasing pressure on the ulnar nerve, a nerve that runs through a region of the elbow known as the cubital tunnel (a passageway that runs through the bony portion of the elbow). Symptoms of cubital tunnel syndrome may include tingling, pain and numbness in the ring finger, little finger and palm of the hand. When left untreated, cubital tunnel syndrome can cause permanent nerve damage, so it’s important to seek out medical attention if you experience these symptoms on a frequent basis.

Cubital tunnel release surgery can be done in two ways. For mild cases, your surgeon may perform a medial epicondylectomy, which entails shaving down the bony bump so the nerve can pass through freely. For moderate to severe cases, an ulnar nerve transposition is most likely needed. This procedure involves moving the ulnar nerve out of the cubital tunnel, from behind the elbow to the front of the elbow.

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