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Neck Lift

What is a Neck Lift?

For many people, the neck is one of the first places where visible signs of aging start to develop. While the neck and face both contribute to your overall facial appearance, the neck is all too often neglected when it comes to preventative maintenance. Loose skin, puffiness and lines all result from the effects of day-to-day living as the skin and its underlying structures start to break down under the pressures of age, gravity, sun damage and stress. A neck lift procedure is specifically designed to restore the youthful contours of the neck and enhance your overall appearance.

The effects of a neck lift are long-lasting and can easily take five to 10 years off your appearance. At Niche Plastic Surgery, our staff of specialist plastic surgeons have ample experience in providing customised care and delivering the results you desire. Read on to get a general overview of how a neck lift works and the types of results you can expect.

Benefits of a Neck Lift

A neck lift, also known as a lower rhytidectomy, addresses the visible signs of aging that develop around the neck and jawline. These changes result from the natural breakdown of your skin’s structure, as well as the effects of gravity, weight fluctuations, sun damage and other factors. The resulting effects on your neck can take any number of forms including:

  • Loose neck skin
  • Jowls, or excess fat and sagging skin in the lower portion of the face
  • Abnormal contours in the neck
  • Loose neck skin Excess fatty tissue in the neck
  • Double chin from excess fat under the chin

A neck lift procedure can target one or more of these areas, depending on your physical makeup and personal preferences. In a nutshell, this procedure entails removing excess fat and skin around the neck and, if needed, re-situating the underlying muscles. A neck lift is one of the safest cosmetic procedures available and produces strikingly noticeable results. Other benefits of neck lift surgery include:

  • No visible scarring
  • Natural-looking results
  • Provides a more toned and younger appearance
  • Long-lasting results

Types of Neck Lift Procedures

Neck contouring procedures vary in technique, method and results. For these reasons, it’s important to ensure the doctor you choose has the training and experience necessary to deliver quality results. The doctors at Niche Plastic Surgery are all specialist plastic surgeons who strive to provide a customised treatment experience that addresses your personal goals and desired outcome.

With today’s advancements in medical technology, neck lifts can be done as a single procedure or in combination with other facial enhancements to deliver even more dramatic results. A one-on-one consultation with one of our doctors is an opportune time to get more information on the range of cosmetic enhancement options we have to offer. As a starting point, here is a sample of the types of neck lift procedures we offer:

  • Mini-neck lift
  • Traditional neck lift
  • Suspension neck lift
  • Chin implants

Traditional Neck Lift

A traditional neck lift addresses all the main areas most impacted by aging, gravity and changes in weight. The end result works to create a well-defined jawline and smoothing of the skin and underlying soft tissues of the neck. Overall, the traditional neck lift encompasses three components:

  • Removing and re-draping sagging skin to create a more contoured appearance
  • Tightening the muscles underneath the skin to eliminate signs of banding, which are sharp vertical lines along the neck
  • Removing excess fat from the neck as well as from underneath the chin

Mini-Neck Lift

A mini-neck lift procedure is designed to remove fatty tissue and tighten or remove excess skin. If you’ve started to notice loose skin forming, a mini-lift offers the ideal solution. In effect, mini- and traditional neck lifts differ in that not much is done with the muscles that make up the neck for a mini lift. Instead, the overall procedure entails removing fatty tissue around the chin and neck areas and pulling excess skin upwards. Since this option is less invasive, as the incision is smaller.

Combining Neck Contouring & Facial Enhancements

Considering how the neck and face all work together to create your overall facial appearance, it’s not uncommon for patients to combine a neck lift procedure with one or more facial enhancements. Combination procedures help create a naturally balanced appearance in cases where minor adjustments may be needed. At Niche Plastic Surgery our doctors work with you to design a personalised treatment plan that matches your needs and goals.

Facial enhancements commonly done at the same time as a neck lift include:

  • Eyelid surgery
  • Facelift
  • Brow lift
  • Chin augmentation (to enhance a weak or receding chin line)

What’s Involved with a Neck Lift Procedure?

A neck lift procedure typically lasts from two to three hours depending on the areas targeted, and uses either a local anaesthetic with a sedative or general anaesthetic. The procedure itself only requires small incisions under the chin and behind the ears and occasionally extending just in front of the ear. From there, the surgeon can perform liposuction, tighten up slack muscles and address any other target areas. Once completed, sutures are used to close up the incisions and any excess skin will be pulled taut or removed.

What Can I Expect From My Recovery?

As with any other form of invasive surgery, the body requires rest and time to heal, so expect at least one to two weeks of downtime. This means bed rest for the first few days along with prescription pain meds to relieve any pain or discomfort. Upon returning to work, you’ll need to avoid any form of strenuous activity and abstain from exercise and heavy lifting for at least three more weeks. Your surgeon will schedule follow-up appointments throughout your recovery period to ensure all is going as expected.

Am I a Good Candidate for a Neck Lift Procedure?

You’re more than likely a good candidate for a neck lift if you meet the following conditions:

  • Your neck’s appearance doesn’t match your youthful facial appearance
  • Your existing neck skin still has some elasticity to it
  • You’re in good physical health
  • You’re able to miss a week or two of normal activity

Niche Plastic Surgery has provided quality cosmetic enhancements for more than three decades. Call us here on 9853 9705 to schedule a consultation with one of our surgeons and find out if a neck lift procedure is right for you.