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Lipoma removal

What is Lipoma Removal Surgery?

In most cases, lipomas do not cause any pain or pose a threat to an individual’s health. However, these masses of fatty tissue, which can form naturally at any age, will cause a contour change and sometimes cause discomfort because of their site and size. These symptoms often lead individuals to seek treatment. Lipomas can also resemble other tumours, so it’s crucial you are examined by a Specialist Plastic Surgeon to ensure correct diagnosis and appropriate treatment options.

Once you’ve confirmed the presence of a lipoma through a clinical diagnosis and occasionally imaging such as ultrasound or MRI, you may wish to have the lipoma removed. A Specialist Plastic Surgeon will ensure the procedure is optimized to give you the best possible result.

What Will Happen Before Your Surgery

Once your Specialist Plastic Surgeon has diagnosed the lipoma, you will need to decide on appropriate treatment. Lipomas are typically smooth, with soft features which can be moved by gentle pressure. Since, in the majority of cases they are harmless, the decision to remove them is a highly personal one and often dependent on their cosmetic and functional impact rather than any medical concerns.

The location and size will usually determine whether or not to have them removed. Lipomas typically form on the upper body, and their visibility can make them a greater concern for some individuals. In some patients, multiple lipomas occur. If you decide to have your lipomas removed, surgical excision will be necessary, and if multiple lipomas are present, they can typically be removed in a single procedure, providing added convenience and safety.

What To Expect During Your Procedure

Your Niche Specialist Plastic Surgeon will most likely perform your procedure as day surgery under local anaesthesia with sedation, enabling you to return home shortly after treatment. Large, deep or multiple lipomas will require general anaesthesia for your comfort and safety.

Your Specialist Plastic Surgeon will locate your incisions for minimum visibility after surgery and ensure that the incision size is as small as possible to enhance your results. During surgery, the entire  lipoma is removed to reduce the risk of recurrence.

Your Recovery From Lipoma Removal Surgery

The extent of your surgery will affect your recovery. If you have minor symptoms, you may be able to return home shortly after surgery with minimal or no restrictions on your activities, provided you protect your incisions. If you have large, deep or multiple lipomas, you will need to recover at home for longer to allow your incisions to heal before resuming routine activities. Your Niche Specialist Plastic Surgeon will provide you with incision care instructions to follow to ensure you have a healthy recovery and the best possible results.

Call us to Discuss Your Lipoma Removal Options

Scheduling a one-on-one consultation with a specialist plastic surgeon is the best way to find out if lipoma removal surgery is right for you. If you need more information or wish to schedule a consultation with one of our FRACS qualified surgeons, call Niche Plastic Surgery on 9853 9705.